Silverlit Astropod Single Missions

Introducing Astropod from Silverlit In the year 2147, humans will have built space stations on the Moon and Mars. Leading the space exploration industry in ASTROPOD, an international space corporation destined to explore EUROPA, the moon of Jupiter. Europa is one of the moons of Jupiter and has a large ocean beneath its surface. Therefore, it is hypothesised that extraterrestrial life may exist under the water. Each POD comes with a mission card, relevant equipment, and a story. Choose your mission to experience different aspects of the Europa expedition!


  • Rover Mission: Build your own space rover with 23+ parts.
  • Communication Station Mission: Build your own communication station with 15+ parts.
  • Exoskeleton Mission: Build your own exoskeleton with 21+ parts.
  • Recommended for ages 6 and up.

This product comes in an assortment, and the images shown are representations of the range. Colours and styles may vary from time to time in stores and online. Please note: If ordering online, items will be selected at random. If you require a specific style, please leave which one in the order notes. (Styles are subject to availability; each is sold separately).

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