Hola Explore Planets

The Hola Explore Planets puzzle is a lot of fun!

Kids will have a blast learning problem-solving, sequencing, and planning skills.

To play children will need to figure out how to move the martian robot along the path to bring an energy tank from the starting platform to the recycle capsule at the end. The Martian robot has a pull-back motor, so it follows the path created. 

 A set of helpful game card instructions are included so children can put their minds to work making strategic plans for the Martian robot’s route. Alternatively, children can also practice building their own designed paths – there’s no limit to creation or imagination! 

Let your child explore newfound interests while having fantastic playtime with Hola Explore Planets.

The Hola Explore Planes puzzle provides excellent parent-child playtime opportunities as well.

Suitable Age: 3 years +

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