Hide-and-Seek Around the World

Young puzzlers can go on a global adventure with this action-packed search-and-find activity book, wonderfully illustrated in full-color.

Join Oli, Sasha, and Pertwee the penguin on an amazing adventure, as they race their way to the world's most famous landmarks, and engage in an international game of hide-and-seek. Each scene is intricately detailed, showing cultural festivals, national monuments and street life, so kids can learn about the cultures of the world as they complete the activities.

Scenes include:
• Clandestine Clarabelle hidden in the crowds at a Texas Hoedown
• Claudette LaCacheuse, cunningly concealed at the Eiffel Tower
• Iago Incognito, ingeniously disguised at masked ball in Venice
• Hugh Izzit, stealthily sneaking around the Sydney Opera House

As well as endlessly fascinating search-and-find activities, it also includes spot-the-difference, odd-one-out, and memory puzzles. Things to find are presented visually on each spread, so kids not yet reading can search too!

Hide and Seek Around the World will enable children to develop their observation and memory skills, all while having fun! Perfect for kids aged 4+.

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