Slimeball Gobzooka

SLIMEBALL GOBZOOKA GUN: SHOOTS BALLS OF SLIME 7 METRES! | DIGGIN ACTIVE Slimeball gun fun is only a pump-and-shoot away with GOBZOOKA: the pump-action slimeball shooter gun that shoots gross, gooey slimeballs more than 7 metres!

The Gobzooks is easy to use: simply insert a slimeball, pump it up, then fire! The Gobzooka comes with 2 slimeballs that are ooey, gooey and slimy, but won't mark surfaces in your house. Fun for kids, mess-free for adults!

The Gobzoola is powered by air pressure so it doesn't require batteries. Yay! The 2 reusable Slimeballs can be washed in warm soapy water to keep them fresh and super-slimy.

The Gobzooka comes attractively gift packaged, making it a fantastically fun gift for ages 6 and above!



Shoots balls of slime more than 7 metres!

Simply load, pump, aim & shoot

Soft, safe & slimy slime balls

Slimeballs leave no marks on any surface

Includes 2 reusable slimeballs

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