Keva Brain Builders

KEVA Brain Builders convert 2-D pictures into 3-D structures using identical. small planks of pine wood! You can choose a card from the 3 difficulty levels then manipulate your KEVA planks to successfully duplicate the balance, proportion, composition and geometry featured on each card. KEVA Brain Builders are the spatial puzzles that make 3-D visualisation fun and rewarding and a game for all the family to enjoy! Great for developing complex problem solving, building aptitude and spatial awareness. 


  • Includes 20 precision-engineered Pine KEVA planks
  • 30 double-sided cards 
  • Instructions
  • Zippered carrying case - a perfect travel toy
  • Full colour cards include a 2-D building challenge on one side and the solution on the other

 dimensions of case: 13cm x 12cm x 6cm

Age: 7+

Players: 1 or more

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