Catch! Board Game

A cute and simple game to stretch those kiddo’s noggins. A mouse has stolen the kitties’ food and is on the run! Taking on the role of the cats, players must work together to surround the mouse before the mouse crosses a garden fence. The mouse starts in the center and moves 1-2 spaces across the checkered grid-board every turn. The mouse’s movement is determined by a color-and-symbol die, and the mouse will always progress towards one of the four colored fences. The mouse, however, can be blocked if a cat steps in the way!

Cats can move 1-3 spaces up, down, or sideways and their movement is determined by a numbered die. When it is time for a cat to move, any one cat on the board can move the number of indicated spaces. That means all players control every cat and must work together to decide which one to move, which direction, and how far.

If players are able to surround the mouse token on all four sides with the cats, they win! If not, the mouse hops the fence and enjoys some tasty cat treats. An excellent game to develop basic strategy, problem solving, and teamwork.

For 2-4 players, with a game time of about 15 minutes. Game includes board, 4 cat figure tokens, 1 mouse figure token, 2 six-sided die, and instructions for play. 

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